Acquaint Yourself with Our Suite of Domestic Services

The on-demand domestic services in Lagos continue to become an increasingly popular option as more people find the need to recover lost time, productivity, and peace of mind. As a leading platform for domestic services in Lagos, Wire 2.0 receives hundreds of requests on a daily basis from all corners of the State. Aside our personal service plan, other domestic services allow clients pay for only what they need.

To book a domestic service or to inquire about pricing, simply fill out a booking form and submit it, our team will do the rest!

House Cleaning

It is nice to be home! With a demanding job and busy household, how would you get your house cleaning chores done? Do not worry. Our cleaners are ready to help.

Our cleaners will help you in disposing rubbish, cleaning dirty surfaces, dusting, and mopping.

Indeed, our cleaning service will help make your home look better and easier to live in.

Specialty Cleaning

There are also some additional tasks available upon request that may not be required every week. However, we suggest that you request a complete cleaning of such furniture and appliances once every three (3) months. Our specialty services include:

  • Interior window cleaning
  • Fridge cleaning
  • Oven cleaning
  • Cabinet cleaning

You should especially indicate which specialty service(s) you want as part of your additional information when booking a house cleaning.


When you book on and select laundry cleaning, we would have your clothing washed in the washing machine, hung up to dry and ironed. With vast experience in domestic cleaning, your favourite garments are safe in the hands of our professional home cleaners, who will ensure your clothing is thoroughly but delicately cleaned. Pesky stains are removed and garments are ironed with the utmost care before being folded or hung up and packed away. Leave your preferred washing powder, liquid detergent or capsules and fabric softeners with your Wire 2.0 Service Provider and come home to crisp, fresh and crease-free clothing.

Errand Running

Our errand running service helps you save time freeing you to engage in activities that are more productive.

The reason for this is that people are becoming very busy these days to do their running around themselves.

Mothers are not even left out–gone are the days when some are expected to take care of the house by doing its chores.  Everyone one seems to be very busy with personal business or office work activities.

In addition, these tasks may vary from time to time. Our errand service entails carrying out everyday mundane activities such as grocery shopping and so forth. We also help with light research and data entry and other more serious tasks.

Personal Services

We developed our personal support services to help you manage your most precious commodity, your time. We understand the demands and requirements of achieving a successful work-life balance and make every effort to provide you with comprehensive personal services.

Our personal service plan begins with a thorough interview, which provides us with an intimate understanding of your personal/lifestyle objectives, both near-term and long-term.  Our personal service managers represent and manage responsibilities on your behalf, ensuring that your best interests are at the heart of every decision they make. Their primary role is to provide you with oversight and coordination of every facet of your life.