The Basics of Efficient Home Cleaning

To keep yourself sane and to make maximum use of your cleaning time, cleaning pros recommend that you follow these guidelines.

  1. Keep your cleaning supplies together. Before you start, gather your equipment and cleaning products and load them in a tray, apron, or bucket. You will not waste time running from room to room for supplies.
  2. If it is not dirty, do not clean it. Do not waste time and energy sanitizing an unused bathroom just because it is cleaning day.
  3. Spot clean whenever possible. Do not clean the entire oven when only the glass door has a grease mark.
  4. Do not scrub. Let the cleaning solution do the work for you. Spray tough spots—like a soap-scummed shower—with a cleaner and let it soak while you clean something else. This way you will make double use of your time and save elbow power.
  5. Less is more. Use only as much cleaning product, as you need. Using too much is a waste of money, and it means more time spent mopping up the excess.


Rotmi MUDE is the Head of Support, Wire 2.0 Enterprise (a company that eases the stress of domestic tasks and personal activities).

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