Wire 2.0 Enterprises: Providing Home Services You Can Trust

Home services–cleaning, errand running, and so forth–was an industry insulated to disruption because “concierge companies” served only customers in the upper segment of our society.

In recent years, however, customers have cut across a spectrum of the population (thanks to falling costs and increased access to the internet) which has led to an emerging on-demand or gig economy.

Spotting these opportunities, I incorporated Wire 2.0 Enterprises, a home services and personal activities support company. We offer an easier way to connect customers to home help through our website and other channels.

The Wire 2.0 platform goes further than “find-a-vendor” search websites that provide only contact details of vendors to prospective customers.

We assign staff/partners with corresponding experience to customers requests and tasks.

At present, there are about 15 pre-screened and registered partners on our platform, up from three in March 2016.

I must confess that getting the platform off the ground has been an illuminating, but a long journey.

But with help from my brain trust and team working overtime to improve our service delivery, we are 100 percent done building the platform’s most critical infrastructure, TRUST.

Demanding home services and personal support activities from people customers do not know and with no guarantees make transactions on all platforms (brick/mortar or online) rigged in favour of service providers.

That is why we make partners’ on-boarding very rigorous—only two out of ten applicants are accepted and registered. We also train staff/partners to make sure they attain Wire 2.0 service standards.

We provide customers same-day replies that include profiles of selected partners, task checklists, service quotes/estimates, assessment worksheets, and so forth.

These procedures help us improve the most important features of our platform: the trust and peace of mind customers have when they request services.


‘Rotimi MUDE is the Head of Support, Wire 2.0 Enterprise (a company that eases the stress of domestic tasks and personal activities).


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